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Today I’m going to teach you a special soup of my hometown, "Su Bo Soup"~ Su Bo Soup is the most common soup dish in my hometown Harbin Russian Western restaurant. It is salty in sweet and sour, thick in taste and rich in color. nutrition and health. Recently I have made too many spicy dishes. Today I will let everyone clear their stomachs and eat some simple and nutritious soups. Influenced by Russian western food, we Harbin people like to make this soup all year round. It is cooked with fresh cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, and beef or beef bone to make it healthy, convenient and nutritious. Eat this dish in winter. The dishes are really warm and suitable~



1. Prepare the ingredients, cut tomatoes, potatoes, and cabbage into pieces

Subtang recipe

2. Put all the ingredients into the pot, add two spoons of oyster sauce, three spoons of seafood soy sauce, three spoons of sugar, one spoon of salt, two spoons of vinegar, add water to cover all the ingredients, press the pressure cooker for 30 minutes~ cook for 1 hour without pressure cooker

Subtang recipe

3. Add chicken essence to the pot~ Is it very simple~ The sweet and sour taste is very rich~

Subtang recipe


Subtang recipe


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