Sugar Heart Gnocchi

Sugar Heart Gnocchi

by Purple rhyme

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Hometown Special Snack-Tangyuan Tangyuan This glutinous rice dumpling is a hometown specialty snack. When I was young, the conditions were very poor. Even peanuts and sesame seeds were reluctant to buy. In order to make the tangyuan a bit sweet and sweet, I put ice flakes on the glutinous rice balls Sugar makes the glutinous rice balls sweeter. It is also a dessert made by my mother during Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. The ingredients are simple and the preparation method is very simple. The taste is relatively monotonous, but it tastes very soft and sweet. Of course, it is not as good as all kinds of stuffing glutinous rice balls. Eating glutinous rice balls represents family reunion, which means family happiness and good luck in the new year.

Sugar Heart Gnocchi

1. Prepare the required materials.

Sugar Heart Gnocchi recipe

2. For the borneol candy, use a knife to make two vertical cuts (make a deeper cut).

Sugar Heart Gnocchi recipe

3. Then draw a few knives horizontally (the size is determined by yourself, but not too big, too big to hold).

Sugar Heart Gnocchi recipe

4. Then break it into small pieces with your hands, and you can't move it. You can use a knife to cut along the lines.

Sugar Heart Gnocchi recipe

5. The glutinous rice flour is made into dough with warm water.

Sugar Heart Gnocchi recipe

6. Take a small piece and squeeze it, and put on borneol candy.

Sugar Heart Gnocchi recipe

7. Then wrap it up and round it.

Sugar Heart Gnocchi recipe

8. Do the others in turn.

Sugar Heart Gnocchi recipe

9. Add water to a boil in the pot and put in the dumplings.

Sugar Heart Gnocchi recipe

10. Cook until all the glutinous rice balls are on the surface.

Sugar Heart Gnocchi recipe


The sweet stuffing glutinous rice balls are already sweet, so the soup does not need to be sugared. Faced with the hot and fragrant glutinous rice balls, you can't help but want to take a big bite. Young and old must pay special attention to eating rice balls slowly and small mouthfuls to avoid choking the throat or trachea.


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