Sugar Oil Cake

Sugar Oil Cake

by Daughter of heaven

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Sugar oil cake is a traditional special snack. It used to be seen everywhere in the street breakfast shops, but now it is rare. I remember what my mother learned from the neighbors next door when I was young. At that time, I thought it was delicious. I stood by the pot and watched my mother get it out of the pot. I couldn’t wait to deliver it to my mouth. The result is imaginable, melted sugar. The liquid made a big bubble at the corners of the mouth. Even so, you still eat while blowing while watching the pot. Now I am also a mother, and many childhood things have slowly faded out of sight. In order to rest assured that the child can eat, I think about the various ingredients and make them in different ways. Today I will share with you the taste of childhood. "


Sugar Oil Cake

1. Add 200g of flour to 10g of sugar and stir evenly, slowly flush into boiling water, stir into flocculent, and let cool.

Sugar Oil Cake recipe

2. Let it cool and knead it into a smooth dough for about 20 minutes.

Sugar Oil Cake recipe

3. Chop the brown sugar cubes. (The red dates and brown sugar I used, there are red dates particles in it)

Sugar Oil Cake recipe

4. Divide the dough into small pieces.

Sugar Oil Cake recipe

5. Take one and squeeze it by hand, and put an appropriate amount of brown sugar in the middle.

Sugar Oil Cake recipe

6. After packing tightly, press into a round cake shape. Make all the cakes in turn.

Sugar Oil Cake recipe

7. Heat the oil in the pot. Put the chopsticks in when there are bubbles around the oil. Put it in the cake and fry it on medium heat until it bulges in the middle. You can remove the golden on both sides.

Sugar Oil Cake recipe

8. Finished product.

Sugar Oil Cake recipe

9. Very tempting.

Sugar Oil Cake recipe

10. The brown sugar melted and it was very delicious.

Sugar Oil Cake recipe


The noodles should be softer, and the dough will be sticky after ironing. You can apply a little cold water on your hands to prevent sticking. The filling can also be brown sugar or white sugar, but a little cake powder should be added to the white sugar. The filling should not be too much, it is easy to burst.


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