Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot)

Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot)

by Xiaoha Paradise

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Sukiyaki pot is actually beef hot pot. It is very popular in Japan and is divided into Japanese-style sukiyaki pot, Taiwanese-style sukiyaki pot and so on. There are also various ways of eating. For example, Japanese people usually add radish juice with white rice.
Because of the differences in foreign countries, the current homemade sukiyaki pot is usually based on cooking and adding your favorite ingredients to create your own sukiyaki pot.


Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot)

1. Cut off the tails (roots) of the purchased enoki mushrooms, then tear them to a suitable size by hand and soak them in water for 10 minutes, then wash them 2-3 times and pick them up for use.

Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot) recipe

2. As long as the green onions are white, cut the white onions into all sizes. (The main purpose of making the scallion white is to increase the flavor of the pot)

Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot) recipe

3. Cut the bought bamboo wheels into suitable sizes; unpack the konjac shreds, take them out and wash them for later use.

Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot) recipe

4. Remove the roots of the fresh shiitake mushrooms, clean the dirt on the surface, and then cut patterns on the surface of the shiitake mushrooms (the shredded shiitake mushrooms can also be placed in the pot for a while to avoid waste.)

Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot) recipe

5. The mussel should be inserted into the seam of the shellfish on the flat side with the tip of a knife, and then cut down along the way. After cutting, remove the grass inside, and cut out the meat and wash it in water for later use. (This purpose is mainly because the shells of the surface shells are dirty, and it takes more time to clean them up, so you can just pick up the meat and use it. If you want to keep it, you can choose some cleaner shells)

Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot) recipe

6. Take out the tofu and cut it to a suitable size, and then fry the surface until golden brown for later use. (For tofu, you can add soft tofu, oily tofu, etc. according to your preference)

Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot) recipe

7. Put butter in the pot, cook until it melts, add half of the beef and stir-fry until slightly discolored, then reduce the heat and add the sukiyaki sauce, then add hot water to boil and let cool for later use (if the taste is not enough, you can add some Salt seasoning), beef broth can be boiled more, and can be added when eating hot pot.

Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot) recipe

8. Arrange the prepared ingredients as you like, and the rest can be set aside, and you can add them when you finish the first pot.

Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot) recipe

9. Finally, pour the boiled beef broth into the pot of ingredients. After the fire is cooked, you can taste the sweet and fresh sukiyaki pot (Japanese-style beef hot pot). After eating this pot, add the ingredients until you have eaten it all. You can use this soup to cook noodles or pour white rice into the soup, which is very delicious.

Sukiyaki Hot Pot (japanese Beef Hot Pot) recipe


1. You can add your favorite ingredients to this pot as you like.
2. The sukiyaki pot is actually a fried beef pot, but because of the high requirements for the ingredients, because the beef will be old after being fried and boiled in the beef broth, I used the packaged beef, which is not easy to be old and has a strong smell .
3. When frying fat beef, I only put half of the beef, and the other half can be eaten with two feelings by adding it to the hot pot.
4. When Japanese people eat sukiyaki pot, they like to beat an egg in a bowl, then put the beef into the egg liquid and then eat it, but it is not recommended in China, except that I can’t accept it, the most important thing is domestic There are not many aseptic eggs, and it is safer to eat cooked eggs.


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