Super Cute Version of Gada Soup-butterfly Flying

Super Cute Version of Gada Soup-butterfly Flying

by Lizhi Food

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Falling in love with baking, falling in love with the kitchen, is purely accidental. Haha, since I had a lovely son, my life has changed since then. Such a picky little guy made me quietly start to study food, and it was out of control from then on. Busy life, busy work, accompanied by delicious food, suddenly become shining. During the baking process, I devoted myself fully and got a surprise. I like to share my food, and more people like to share a food with me and share a piece of happiness. I am grateful to all those who have stretched out their hands to help in difficulties. I will not forget in this life and pass on a kindness; I also thank those who have brought us harm in life, let us know that life is not smooth sailing, sunshine always After the storm, thank you for letting us know how to face it in life. Fall in love with baking, fall in love with the good time of baking, share the slow time of baking, don’t let your feet rush, share a good time with your family and children; don’t rush, sit down and share with your family and children A day’s happiness; stop rushing, take a closer look at the little grass sneaking life, love baking, love food, love nature..."


Super Cute Version of Gada Soup-butterfly Flying

1. Add an egg to the flour to make the dough. The water absorption of various flours is different. If one egg is not enough, you can add a little milk to make a smooth dough. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and let it rest for 5 minutes.

Super Cute Version of Gada Soup-butterfly Flying recipe

2. Roll the dough into thin slices about the thickness of a dumpling skin. Use a butterfly-shaped biscuit mold to press out small butterflies, and then roll out the remaining fabric into a thin sheet again, and then press the mold.

Super Cute Version of Gada Soup-butterfly Flying recipe

3. Add the right amount of bone broth to the water, add carrots and baby spinach to a boil, and add beautiful little butterflies. After the high heat is boiled, cook at medium heat and slow down. It is ready to eat in about 15 minutes.

Super Cute Version of Gada Soup-butterfly Flying recipe


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