Sweet Apple Soup

Sweet Apple Soup

by Happiness187

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When I bought this health pot, I thought it was small, exquisite, exquisite, and full of functions. After I bought it, my daughter had just boiled water twice. The electrical appliances I bought back and forth with it were all spoiled. It was only shocked that it was beaten into the cold palace. When it rained today and saw its gray-headed expression again, I hurriedly wiped it and put in the ingredients, and also made the "healthy pot" sweet once. It is estimated that it drank apple soup. Happy than me! Vitamin C in apples is the protector of the cardiovascular system and a healthy element for patients with heart disease. Its nature and taste are sweet and sour, slightly salty, non-toxic, and it has the effects of promoting body fluids and quenching thirst, replenishing the spleen and relieving diarrhea, and reducing the adverse effects of the stomach~ There is a folk saying: an apple a day keeps the disease away from me. The raw food is as delicious as apple soup...


Sweet Apple Soup

1. Prepared ingredients

Sweet Apple Soup recipe

2. To rinse the health pot with water, I used this big bowl with a bowl and a half of water

Sweet Apple Soup recipe

3. Core the apple and cut it into large pieces

Sweet Apple Soup recipe

4. Put the apple and water into the health pot and close the lid

Sweet Apple Soup recipe

5. Plug in the power cord and press the soup button to start, the above shows 40 minutes, I used 30 minutes

Sweet Apple Soup recipe

6. After simmering for 20 minutes, the apples have been cooked, add rock sugar and fuse in the simmer for 10 minutes.

Sweet Apple Soup recipe

7. Enjoy the cooked apple soup

Sweet Apple Soup recipe

8. The finished picture can also be put in the refrigerator and it will taste better.

Sweet Apple Soup recipe

9. The finished picture is sweet and sour. You can make it yourself without any preservatives. You can eat it with confidence.

Sweet Apple Soup recipe


If you like to have a sweeter taste, you can drizzle a little honey in it.


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