Sweet Potato Wowotou

Sweet Potato Wowotou

by Love in the Fish Eye-YU

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I like to buy sweet potatoes, even if they are cooked in white water, they are powdery and sweet, and children like them too.
This afternoon I made a few small wowotou with sweet potatoes. The grill was quickly steamed and cooked in ten minutes, and because of the addition of milk powder, the color was golden and nutritious.


Sweet Potato Wowotou

1. Prepare the required ingredients and cook the sweet potatoes in advance

Sweet Potato Wowotou recipe

2. Press the sweet potatoes while they are hot, add flour and cream

Sweet Potato Wowotou recipe

3. Mix and knead into a smooth sweet potato dough

Sweet Potato Wowotou recipe

4. Divide the dough into even 8 portions

Sweet Potato Wowotou recipe

5. Shaped into the shape of a wowo head

Sweet Potato Wowotou recipe

6. Put the Wowotou on oil paper, and put it in the steamer of the grilling machine, turn on the heat and steam for 10 minutes.

Sweet Potato Wowotou recipe


The sweet potato is hot and pressed into the mud and dough, which is equivalent to the state of hot noodles.
If you like the soft taste, you can add some yeast and steam it after fermentation.


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