Sweet Potato Cake Roll

Sweet Potato Cake Roll

by Plums for gourmet

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The cake roll is soft like a cloud, accompanied by a hint of potato and rich milky aroma. Compared with the filling made of cream, this one can be regarded as a low-fat version. It tastes very soft, very, very sweet. When the sweet potato is combined with the cake, the taste of the sweet potato is not so strong, but the milky aroma is even stronger.

Sweet Potato Cake Roll

1. Cut the sweet potatoes into thin slices, put them in a steamer, steam them and put them in a bag, roll them into a delicate sweet potato mash with a rolling pin

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe

2. Squeeze the condensed milk into the sweet potato mash, mix well and set aside

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe

3. Pour milk and vegetable oil into the bowl, stir until no oily flowers are visible, then sift the low-gluten flour, and stir evenly with a zigzag technique

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe

4. Prepare the eggs. The egg white and egg yolk need to be separated. The container containing the egg white should be oil-free and water-free. Pour the egg yolk into the batter and stir evenly with a zigzag technique.

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe

5. Beat the egg whites. Add white sugar in three times, add it for the first time when it has a fish-eye shape, add it for the second time when the bubbles are more delicate, add it for the third time when you see the lines, until the whisk is lifted and a small hook appears. can.

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe

6. Scoop 1/3 of the egg whites into the egg yolk paste, mix it evenly with a mixing method, and then pour it back into the meringue, and mix it evenly with the same method of mixing or drawing a zigzag.

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe

7. Pour the batter into the baking pan. The baking pan I used is 28 by 28. The surface layer is smooth, and the batter is gently shaken to remove the bubbles inside.

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe

8. Put it into the preheated oven, bake at 165 degrees for 28 minutes

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe

9. After the cake slices are baked, let them cool, then remove the grease paper and spread the mashed sweet potatoes. Try not to smear the seal of the cake slice to avoid overflow

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe

10. Cut the edge part into an oblique knife for easy closing

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe

11. Use a rolling pin to lift up the non-stick paper and gently roll it up, then turn it around to roll the cake into the greased paper and let it sit for four hours to set the shape

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe

12. After cutting open, you can use mashed potatoes to make a decoration, with a perfect appearance

Sweet Potato Cake Roll recipe


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