Smiley Sweet Potato Buns

Smiley Sweet Potato Buns

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There are always ups and downs in life. Only when you face it calmly can you live a stable life! Worry will definitely make a person grow old quickly, and a smile will always relieve one. Full-time mothers can only find happiness in food, eating a homemade smiling steamed bun will make you feel better.


Smiley Sweet Potato Buns

1. Pour flour, mashed potatoes, yeast, sugar, and water into the bread bucket.

Smiley Sweet Potato Buns recipe

2. Select kneading, the default is 20 minutes.

Smiley Sweet Potato Buns recipe

3. Add the flaxseed oil after the flour is slightly mixed into a dough. (You can use the same amount of lard instead)

Smiley Sweet Potato Buns recipe

4. Knead it into a smooth dough and take it out. You don't need to knead it for 20 minutes. It's just making steamed buns instead of making bread.

Smiley Sweet Potato Buns recipe

5. The kneaded noodles are directly pinched into long strips and cut into 10 equal portions.

Smiley Sweet Potato Buns recipe

6. Knead the dough Yiyi into a round ball.

Smiley Sweet Potato Buns recipe

7. Finally, set aside a small piece of noodles, add cocoa powder and knead evenly.

Smiley Sweet Potato Buns recipe

8. Roll out into thin slices and use a straw to press out the small eyes. Cut the mouth into lines with a knife.

Smiley Sweet Potato Buns recipe

9. Paste the eyes and noodles separately (dip some water and then paste them) and put it in the steamer to proof it to 1.5 times its size. Steam the noodles on high heat for 20 minutes, turn off the heat for 5 minutes.

Smiley Sweet Potato Buns recipe


There is no linseed oil that can be replaced with lard.
Steamed buns are generally steamed for 10 minutes after boiling the water. If you are a big one, you have to extend the time.


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