Sweetheart Pot Helmet

Sweetheart Pot Helmet

by Mei Yi🌸

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The so-called Guokui is actually a kind of steamed bun, which is a kind of traditional local flavor noodles that people in Northwest my country like to eat. It is said that it originated from the gift the grandmother gave to his grandson He Miyue... In short, it has evolved to the present day with the meaning of good blessings. This pasta is oil-free and salt-free, and can be used as a regular meal or as a snack. You don’t need to heat it in a steamer when you eat it. Eat it at room temperature and chew slowly. The natural sweetness and fragrance of the noodles fill your mouth. In the hot weather, make more at one time while it is cool, and add a bowl of mung bean soup when you start the meal. This eliminates the'test of life' in the kitchen and the scorching heat, and enjoys the gourmet experience. I like sweetness, so there is sweet fillings (walnuts, peanuts, sesame and other nuts and some brown sugar) in this pot, it is very sweet and delicious! You can make it sweet or white according to your preference (no filling is the natural sweetness of noodles ~ a bit like noodle buns), I promise you will not disappoint your expectations, try it! "


Sweetheart Pot Helmet

1. I have omitted the step of raising the noodles. After the noodles have been made and kneaded and exhausted, they are divided into several small doses (the ratio of flour to yeast can be roughly calculated as a pound of noodles and one gram of yeast, and the noodles should be mixed. It’s better if it’s softer).

Sweetheart Pot Helmet recipe

2. Make the stuffing during the baking time (please forgive me for forgetting to take the picture): sauté all kinds of nuts (you can put anything according to your preference and the inventory at home), then crush them, add brown sugar, and add them A little raw flour (to prevent the brown sugar from preheating and flowing out). This picture is the filling that I have already mixed.

Sweetheart Pot Helmet recipe

3. Because it is soft when making the dough, the small jelly does not need to be rolled. Press lightly on the edges with your hands to make the middle part thicker.

Sweetheart Pot Helmet recipe

4. Put the stuffing into the skin and look that the skin is not round. It doesn't matter. The package looks good. If the craftsmanship of the bun is not very good, don't put too much stuffing, so as not to expose the stuffing because the package is not tight.

Sweetheart Pot Helmet recipe

5. Like this, wrap everything up.

Sweetheart Pot Helmet recipe

6. Then cover it with plastic wrap and proof it again for 20 minutes. This step is very important, it is directly related to the taste of the cooked pasta, so it must not be saved!

Sweetheart Pot Helmet recipe

7. Take out your pan but no need to oil (knock the blackboard)! This pasta does not have to worry about the pot and fire (gas stove and electric baking pan will work), I use an electric pot here (even heating and easy control of the fire power, the baked bun has a beautiful face); choose a low fire and cover the pot. .

Sweetheart Pot Helmet recipe

8. The unoiled dry branding doesn't seem to damage the original face of the face at all, how can I not like it with my heart. Turn the noodles once every 2 minutes. The whole process needs to be turned 3 times. When the two sides are yellow, lightly press and rebound with your fingers and it will be cooked.

Sweetheart Pot Helmet recipe

9. All right! The presentation is not bad ^_^ It can be served with a bowl of mung bean soup. In fact, if you have a bad appetite in the summer and don’t want to eat seriously, just have it at your fingertips, you can grab it as a snack, sweet and fragrant, keep it as you like!

Sweetheart Pot Helmet recipe


If you don’t add fillings, you can add a little sugar when mixing the noodles, which can speed up the fermentation of the noodles, and also slowly taste the sweetness when you chew. The nut fillings are made in a microwave oven: Pack each kind of nuts in a box, take out the high heat for one minute and stir and churn for another minute, then put all kinds of nuts in a food bag, pinch the mouth and spread it flat on the cloth, and beat the nuts with a rolling pin. Broken (you can avoid rolling it with a rolling pin, it's greasy everywhere).


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