Tang Bao

Tang Bao

by Deng Yan watching the sea

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Some people said it was a Nanjing snack, some people said it was a Shanghai snack. Later, I checked the information, and the originator was Kaifeng, Henan. Haha, be a knowledgeable foodie.


How to make it

1. Prepare the required ingredients: plum meat, pork skin jelly, shrimp, spring onion, ginger, cooking wine and soy sauce

2. Pork diced

3. Add chopped green onion and minced ginger to the diced meat and chop together

Tang Bao recipe

4. When the meat is chopped, add two tablespoons of soy sauce, two tablespoons of cooking wine and half a bowl of water

5. Chopped into elastic meat paste, the volume of meat paste also increases

6. Shrimp to prawn line and chop into prawn paste

Tang Bao recipe

7. Put the minced meat and the minced shrimp together

8. Stir well and set aside

9. Frozen chopped pork skin

Tang Bao recipe

10. Put pork skin jelly and minced meat together

11. Add salt according to your taste and stir evenly

12. Take an appropriate amount of dry flour, mix it with boiling water while pouring, and visually check that half of the flour in the basin has been blanched.

Tang Bao recipe

13. Knead the blanched noodles and the remaining dry flour into a dough and let stand for 30 minutes

14. Take a proper size dough and roll it into a bun wrapper, then add a proper amount of meat filling

15. Wrapped raw buns

Tang Bao recipe

16. Put water in the pot, arrange the buns, turn to a low heat and continue to steam for 10 minutes after the high heat is boiled

17. The finished buns, the buns with a bite are full of soup

Tang Bao recipe
Tang Bao recipe
Tang Bao recipe

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