Plum Meat recipes

Chicken Miso Noodle Soup

Plum Meat, Noodles, Chicken Soup

Xinjiang Hand Pilaf

Lamb Chops, Yellow Carrot, Onion

Tang Bao

Plum Meat, Flour, Pigskin Jelly

Pork Noodles with Pickled Vegetables

Potherb Mustard, Plum Meat, Noodles

Meat Ball with Soy Sauce

Plum Meat, Water Chestnuts, Shiitake Mushrooms

Steamed Braised Noodles

Noodles (raw), Plum Meat, Celery

Braised Noodles with Hebei Beans

Noodles (raw), Carob, Plum Meat

Roasted Pork with Honey Sauce

Plum Meat, Barbecued Pork Sauce, Ginger

Fish-flavored Pork Rice Bowl

Plum Meat, Black Fungus, Carrot

Secret Barbecued Pork in Rice Cooker

Plum Meat, Oyster Sauce, Oil

Tonkatsu Curry Rice

Curry Cubes, Plum Meat, Cooking Oil

Home-style Fish-flavored Pork Shreds

Plum Meat, Black Fungus, Carrot