Tomato Fish Ball Ramen

Tomato Fish Ball Ramen

by Seven daffodils

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The reunion fish balls give blessings to the family banquet


Tomato Fish Ball Ramen

1. Prepare ramen

Tomato Fish Ball Ramen recipe

2. Put the fish balls in the boiling tomato soup and cook for ten minutes

Tomato Fish Ball Ramen recipe

3. Put the ramen in boiling water and cook for five minutes

Tomato Fish Ball Ramen recipe

4. Pour the cooked ramen into a bowl

Tomato Fish Ball Ramen recipe

5. Fish balls in tomato soup

Tomato Fish Ball Ramen recipe

6. Add salt and chopped green onion

Tomato Fish Ball Ramen recipe


The ramen must be boiled in boiling water first and then put in the broth to taste more delicious. Use fish balls without using MSG chicken essence


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