Tso Tso's Chicken

Tso Tso's Chicken

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Tso Tso's Chicken

1. 280g chicken thigh meat, cut into cubes, 5g sliced ginger, 5g minced garlic, appropriate amount of millet pepper cut into sections, 20g sweet pepper cut into pieces

Tso Tso's Chicken recipe

2. Pour in chicken thighs, one egg yolk, 2g salt, 25g cornstarch, and stir well

Tso Tso's Chicken recipe

3. Add 15g white sugar, 15g white vinegar, 8g light soy sauce, 5g starch, and 10g chili oil and stir well

Tso Tso's Chicken recipe

4. Pour 200ml of edible oil from the pot, heat it to seven maturity, add the chicken, and fry on high heat until the surface is golden

Tso Tso's Chicken recipe

5. Pour 5ml of cooking oil in another pot, add ginger slices, minced garlic, millet pepper, and sauté on high heat

Tso Tso's Chicken recipe

6. Pour in chicken, stir fry evenly, pour in seasoning and stir fry evenly, pour in sweet pepper

Tso Tso's Chicken recipe


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