Teriyaki Chicken Rice

Teriyaki Chicken Rice

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Invincible and delicious Teriyaki chicken rice, will it look a bit clearer?


Teriyaki Chicken Rice

1. Debone chicken legs and beat them softly with the back of a knife

Teriyaki Chicken Rice recipe

2. Add 1 tablespoon of cooking wine, pad with ginger slices, sprinkle with black pepper, marinate for 15 minutes

Teriyaki Chicken Rice recipe

3. 30g honey, a spoonful of light soy sauce, a spoonful of oyster sauce, a spoonful of cooking wine, half a bowl of water, make a teriyaki sauce

Teriyaki Chicken Rice recipe

4. Brush the frying pan with oil, put the chicken thighs on the medium-low heat and fry slowly (turn over in time)

Teriyaki Chicken Rice recipe

5. Pour the teriyaki sauce on top, cover and simmer for 3 to 5 minutes, open the lid and collect the sauce over high heat

Teriyaki Chicken Rice recipe

6. Take out and cut into pieces, put in a bowl of rice, match with some vegetables, and drizzle with a little teriyaki sauce.

Teriyaki Chicken Rice recipe


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