Umi Rice

Black rice leaf is a kind of leaf that is similar to blueberry fruit tree. Every spring, some people make wu rice rice. The fresh new leaves have a fresh fragrance, and the wu rice rice is fragrant and fragrant. (Scientific name is Nan Zhu)







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How to Make It

1. Wash the picked or bought black rice leaves
2. Wash it and put it in the wall breaker
3. Mud
4. Filter out the leaf residue
5. Clean the glutinous rice
6. Soak in filtered juice
7. Soak for 12 hours and remove, drain the water
8. Cook in a rice cooker (less water than usual)
9. The cooked rice is black and shiny
10. Add the right amount of sugar
11. Press tightly
12. Cut into pieces
The glutinous rice already has a lot of water after soaking. It is enough to add water just after the rice is cooked. Add a few drops of oil to the rice, which is not sticky and easy to operate. The taste is added as you like.


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