Vegetable Quinoa Quiche-baby Food

Vegetable Quinoa Quiche-baby Food

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The breakfast time is tight, and the task of heavy errands is really difficult to get through, and it takes some time every day. Therefore, there are often mothers leaving messages in the background and private messages, suggesting that pomelo mother will give out some baby breakfast recipes.

As soon as this breakfast was out of the pot, I was instantly attracted by the golden color. I arranged a reasonable time for 10 minutes to get it done. There are three kinds of green, yellow and red vegetables, together with the eggs that have a comprehensive and balanced nutrition, and the super food quinoa, which has 100 nutrition points.

After a bite, there is the fragrance of eggs, the sour and sweetness of tomatoes, and a touch of chives. The quinoa tastes a bit QQ. It can be said to be perfect. It is definitely better than ordinary omelets~ Soft and delicate, chewy Babies with weak ability can also eat it.

Bright colors, rich taste, full of nutrition, such a great recipe, must be highly recommended to you, breakfast according to this method to make an omelet, can be enjoyed by the whole family, make it for breakfast tomorrow !


Vegetable Quinoa Quiche-baby Food

1. Beat the eggs, add the cooked quinoa and stir well.

Tips: The quinoa is soaked for 2 hours in advance, boiled for 20 minutes, drained, and kept in the refrigerator for a week.

Vegetable Quinoa Quiche-baby Food recipe

2. Chop carrots, mince tomatoes, mince spring onions, and add vegetables to the egg mixture.

tips: The characteristics of the vegetables in the photo are suitable for babies over 12 months old, add vegetable puree to babies at 8 months old, and chop up vegetables for babies at 9-12 months old.

Vegetable Quinoa Quiche-baby Food recipe

3. Warm the oil in a pan, pour a little avocado oil, and scoop each omelet with a spoon.

Vegetable Quinoa Quiche-baby Food recipe

4. Turn it over and fry until cooked.

Vegetable Quinoa Quiche-baby Food recipe

5. There will be some oil on the surface of the fried food, and then use the kitchen oil-absorbing paper to absorb all the oil on the surface, and the food will be more refreshing.
Very fragrant and flavorful omelets, which can be used as staple food or snacks.

Vegetable Quinoa Quiche-baby Food recipe


Pomelo mom said:
I don’t need to talk about the advantages of quinoa. I have been Amway many times, and it’s good to use cooked millet instead of quinoa.


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