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Wakame is softer and more tender than kelp, and it is easy to be cooked. Fresh wakame takes a short time to market. Most of them are pickled and semi-dried products. This dish uses semi-dry products. "



1. This is semi-dried wakame with a layer of salt on top;

Wakame recipe

2. After soaking in water, it becomes like this, wash it several times;

Wakame recipe

3. Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, boil it, add the wakame to blanch water;

Wakame recipe

4. Wakame is very easy to cook, so it can be taken out as soon as it is blanched. After cooking for a long time, it becomes sticky

Wakame recipe

5. After letting cool for a while, cut into sections;

Wakame recipe

6. Put a tablespoon of light soy sauce in the bowl;

Wakame recipe

7. A tablespoon of rice vinegar;

Wakame recipe

8. A spoonful of sugar;

Wakame recipe

9. A spoonful of oyster sauce and spicy oil, stir well to form a sauce;

Wakame recipe

10. The sauce is poured on the plated wakame,

Wakame recipe

11. Mix well to start.

Wakame recipe


The soaking time of semi-dried wakame is very short, and the blanching time is also very short. Be sure not to blanch for a long time, otherwise it will become very sticky. You can add oily pepper according to personal taste.


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