Tofu Seaweed Soup

Tofu Seaweed Soup

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Wakame is a kind of seaweed food. Tofu and wakame are cooked in soup. It is a perfect match. Tofu is rich in nutrients, low in fat and can absorb the soup. Put a piece into your mouth and chew gently. The soup will quickly pass from the mouth. Splashed all around, delicious to burst.


Tofu Seaweed Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients and cook the soup. I like to choose the sandwich meat. The sandwich meat tastes tender and oily, not as woody as pure lean meat. If you don’t know which piece is the sandwich meat, just tell the stall owner when you buy the meat. The stuffed meat will do. Wash the pork, slice it into thin slices, put it in a bowl, add salt, pepper, chicken powder, and starch to the pork slices, and marinate for a while;

Tofu Seaweed Soup recipe

2. Wash the tofu, drain the water and cut into pieces, soak the wakame until it swells, wash and drain the water;

Tofu Seaweed Soup recipe

3. Boil an appropriate amount of water in a pot, pour in the tofu and simmer for a while to remove the beany smell, pick up and rinse with cold water, drain and set aside;

Tofu Seaweed Soup recipe

4. Heat a wok, pour in cooking oil, stir fry the lean meat and green onion stalks until they are fragrant, pour in 600 ml of water, and boil on high heat;

Tofu Seaweed Soup recipe

5. Stir in the miso soup, pour in tofu and wakame;

Tofu Seaweed Soup recipe

6. Cover the pot, continue to cook for about 10 minutes, sprinkle the chopped green onion, mix well and scoop up for serving.

Tofu Seaweed Soup recipe


Tips for food:

1. The pork is marinated for a while, the meat slices are delicious, and the taste is more tender and smooth.

2. The miso soup itself has a salty taste, except for the marinated meat and 2 grams of salt, the cooked soup does not need to be added with additional salt.


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