Watermelon Fried Ice

Watermelon Fried Ice

by Greedy cat vip who loves life

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Regular consumption of raisins can cleanse the intestines and prevent constipation, and long-term consumption can also prevent cardiovascular disease. This watermelon stir-fried ice is very simple to make. The sweet and delicious watermelon with raisins is really delicious!


Watermelon Fried Ice

1. Prepare watermelon and raisins

Watermelon Fried Ice recipe

2. Peel the watermelon and cut into small pieces and put it in the food processor

Watermelon Fried Ice recipe

3. Beat into watermelon juice and strain

Watermelon Fried Ice recipe

4. Strain the watermelon juice

Watermelon Fried Ice recipe

5. Prepare the ice fry machine, this mini ice fry machine needs to be frozen overnight

Watermelon Fried Ice recipe

6. Pour the watermelon juice on the frying ice machine

Watermelon Fried Ice recipe

7. Continue to stir fry with a spatula until it becomes clumpy

Watermelon Fried Ice recipe

8. Put the watermelon smoothie into a glass and garnish with California raisins.

Watermelon Fried Ice recipe


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