Watermelon Orange Pudding

Watermelon Orange Pudding

by Yinghan's fast kitchen

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The temperature is so hot now that it explodes, I want to eat some refreshing food to cool myself down. Fruit is really the best choice in summer, but just eating fruit is a bit too boring, so today, I will make the fruit into cute fruit pudding. When the finished product comes out, it has a fake effect. You may not find it when you put it together with the real fruit!


Watermelon Orange Pudding

1. Gelatin powder (fish glue powder) is soaked in cold water, the soaked gelatin powder (fish glue powder) will become a paste-like gel.

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

2. Orange cut in half

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

3. Watermelon cut in half

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

4. Scoop out the orange flesh and watermelon flesh, and save the orange and watermelon rinds as containers for later

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

5. Juice the oranges, put a little water in the mixing cup to make the juice easier

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

6. Juicing watermelon, put a little water in the cup when squeezing the juice to facilitate the juice

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

7. Gelatin powder (fish glue powder) heat insulation water melts

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

8. Pour the squeezed orange juice into the orange peel bowl, pour the juice from an orange exactly half of the orange peel, then add a spoonful of white sugar and stir well, then add 3 to 4 spoons of melted gelatin powder (fish gelatin powder), The specific amount is about 5g gelatin powder (isinglass powder) for half an orange peel bowl of orange pudding

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

9. Pour the squeezed watermelon juice into a watermelon rind bowl, because watermelon has more water and less fiber, so basically half a watermelon can be squeezed out of half a watermelon bowl. If the watermelon juice is very sweet, there is no need to add sugar For those who like to eat sweets, you can also add some to taste better. To make half a watermelon watermelon pudding, the amount of gelatin powder (isinglass powder) needed to be added is 20-25g depending on the size of the watermelon.

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

10. Put it in the refrigerator for more than 2 hours and wait for it to solidify. Because orange and watermelon rinds are semi-circular, they may be unstable. You can use a small bowl under them as a nursery to fix them!

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

11. You can put some watermelon seeds on the surface for decoration in the middle of the watermelon coagulation, and the finished watermelon pudding will have a better effect

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

12. When the pudding liquid is completely condensed, the orange pudding is complete, and the watermelon pudding is complete. At this moment, if you are enjoying it by yourself, you can dig and eat it boldly with a spoon.

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

13. Cut it into a corner and put it on a plate. Does it feel like a real thing if you don't look carefully?

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

14. But a closer look at the translucent feeling of QQ is more lovely than real orange watermelon! Kindly reminder, when cutting into pieces, it must be cut a bit bigger. If it is not thick enough, the Q-bomb pudding will swing left and right and finally cannot hold it off.

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe

15. There is no pigment and the natural color of juice is used. Does this kind of fruit plate feel cute?

Watermelon Orange Pudding recipe


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