West Lake Brasenia Fish Ball Soup

West Lake Brasenia Fish Ball Soup

by Tim Hi lucklily

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Qi Bao’s home cook was born in Hangzhou and has a special love for Hangzhou cuisine. This is about childhood, memory, and grandmother's taste! The culture of Hangbang cuisine has a long history, broad and profound, and lightness is one of the symbolic characteristics of Hangbang cuisine. The freshness of each dish can be easily distinguished by the tip of the tongue. This requires the dishes to be especially optimized for the ingredients and excellent in quality!


West Lake Brasenia Fish Ball Soup

1. Ingredients preparation:

Chop the fish meat into puree, add cooking wine, green onion ginger juice, monosodium glutamate, lard, egg white, refined salt, and clear soup. Stir it into a jelly. Knead one by one into uniform balls. Put it in a pot of cold water and bring it to a boil;

Drain the brasen juice and blanch it for later use.

West Lake Brasenia Fish Ball Soup recipe

2. Cooking process:

Put the fishballs in the right amount of clean water, put a few medlars, put them on the stove, and ignite;

West Lake Brasenia Fish Ball Soup recipe

3. Add Brasenia;

West Lake Brasenia Fish Ball Soup recipe

4. Low heat, turn off the heat when the water boils, add appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence and serve. (If you mind, don't add it)

West Lake Brasenia Fish Ball Soup recipe


Introduction to Brasenia

Brasenia in the West Lake, also known as horseshoe grass and water lotus leaf, was a precious aquatic food in my country a long time ago. Brasenia is not only fragrant and fragrant, but also rich in nutrition. Its tender stems, buds, and curled leaves are surrounded by white and transparent gels, which contain high gel and other ingredients.

The nutritional value of Brasenia

1. To clear away heat and detoxify, sterilize and reduce inflammation:

The mucous quality of Brasenia cepacia contains a variety of nutrients, has a good heat-clearing and detoxifying effect, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, eat to clear the stomach and fire, relieve intestinal heat, smashed and applied externally can cure carbuncle and boils;

2. Prevention and treatment of anemia and hepatitis:

Brasenia is rich in B vitamins. It is a necessary component for cell growth and division and maintaining the integrity of nerve cell myelin. It can be clinically used to prevent and treat pernicious anemia, megaloblastic anemia, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis;

3. Puzzle and fitness:

Brasenia is rich in zinc and is the "zinc king" in plants. It is one of the best health foods for children and can prevent and treat children with ADHD.

How to eat brasenia

1. Brasenia can be fried, and can be cooked with crucian carp, tofu, etc. to make soup, its color, fragrance and taste are all good.

2. Because it contains a lot of tannins, it will turn black when it meets with ironware, so avoid cooking in iron pots.

3. Don't add vinegar to eat, otherwise the hair will be damaged.

4. Applied to diminish thirst: the appropriate amount of bran and crucian, seasoning with salt to make soup, eat twice a day, and eat for about half a month.

Edible effects of pure vegetables

Brasenia officinalis is sweet in taste and cold in nature, enters the liver and spleen channels;

It has the effects of clearing away heat, promoting hydration, reducing swelling and detoxification;

Indications of heat dysentery, jaundice, carbuncle, boils.

This time, Keibao’s home cooking small sharing

1. The fishballs themselves are cooked, and the branweed is also easy to cook. After the two are cooked together, you can turn off the fire as long as the clear soup is boiled. The fishballs will become soft when they are overcooked and lose their smooth and smooth taste.

2. Brasenia tends to become dark when exposed to iron, so avoid using iron pots for cooking.


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