Fish Hot Pot

Fish Hot Pot

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Braised silver carp doesn't feel good, but the stewed hot pot is pretty good, and the price is relatively more affordable!

Fish Hot Pot

1. Cut the silver carp into pieces, wash it, and submerge it in salt for a while

Fish Hot Pot recipe

2. Fry the tofu while the fish is drowning, heat the oil in the pan, cut the tofu into thick slices and fry in the pan, sprinkle a little salt, fry the tofu on both sides, and put it on the plate.

Fish Hot Pot recipe

3. Put oil in the pan, put the submerged fish after the oil is hot, add shredded ginger, dried chili, pepper, and bean paste, fry until slightly yellow on both sides

Fish Hot Pot recipe

4. After the fish is fried, add water and boil on high heat, and boil for another ten minutes

Fish Hot Pot recipe

5. You can prepare the side dishes while cooking the fish

Fish Hot Pot recipe

6. After the soup has tasted, try the taste and add anything else. Then you can put in the fried tofu. The tofu is boiled in the pot and the garlic and chicken essence can be put out of the pot!

Fish Hot Pot recipe

7. Just make an electric hot pot, just put whatever dish you want!

Fish Hot Pot recipe


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