Carrot Fish Ball Soup

Carrot Fish Ball Soup

by Eyebrow

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White radish is a common vegetable, and its nutritional value and medicinal value are quite high. Needless to say, the nutrition of fish is not much. Sweet radish meets smooth and tender fishballs. Let's have a bowl of radish fishball soup!


Carrot Fish Ball Soup

1. One celery stalk, the stems and leaves are separated, the stems are cut into small pieces, and the leaves are plucked.

Carrot Fish Ball Soup recipe

2. Peel the white radish, slice and then thicken.

Carrot Fish Ball Soup recipe

3. Heat a little oil in a wok, add green onion and ginger slices and stir fry until fragrant.

Carrot Fish Ball Soup recipe

4. Add the shredded radish and fry the sliced ginger for a while.

Carrot Fish Ball Soup recipe

5. Add broth or water, I used to make fish ball fish soup.

Carrot Fish Ball Soup recipe

6. Place the rissoles, cover and boil.

Carrot Fish Ball Soup recipe

7. Skim the foam.

Carrot Fish Ball Soup recipe

8. Boil the celery stalks.

Carrot Fish Ball Soup recipe

9. Sprinkle with celery leaves before being cooked.

Carrot Fish Ball Soup recipe

10. Turn off the heat, add salt, and sprinkle a little white pepper to taste.

Carrot Fish Ball Soup recipe

11. The fragrance of celery, the sweetness of radish, and the tenderness of fishballs make this bowl of soup appetizing.

Carrot Fish Ball Soup recipe


①For the method of making fishballs, please refer to my "Homemade Fishballs" recipe, which can be found on my homepage.
②The white radish is fried with green onion and ginger first, which can reduce the spicy taste of the radish and make it more delicious.
③The soup I added is the fish soup used when making fishballs. You can also use broth or water.
④ The stems of celery are crisp and crisp, and the color is beautiful, and the leaves are added when they are out of the pot. You can also use coriander leaves.


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