Wheat Germ Toast

Wheat Germ Toast

by Grid blue

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Wheat germ toast.
A bottle of fruit jam, washing a few grapes, frying a seven-ripe omelette, and a bowl of five-grain soy milk. Of course, a person must eat nutrition and eat healthily.


Wheat Germ Toast

1. Put all the ingredients except butter into the bread machine in the order of liquid first and then solid

Wheat Germ Toast recipe

2. Finally put in wheat germ

Wheat Germ Toast recipe

3. The bread bucket is fixed in the bread machine

Wheat Germ Toast recipe

4. Choose Bai Cuiyun recipe, wheat germ bread. starting program

Wheat Germ Toast recipe

5. Add butter after the second kneading program ends, and the program continues

Wheat Germ Toast recipe

6. Baked

Wheat Germ Toast recipe

7. Take out the toasted bread and let it cool on the grill

Wheat Germ Toast recipe

8. slice

Wheat Germ Toast recipe

9. Slowly enjoy breakfast for one person.

Wheat Germ Toast recipe


The bread made by Bai Cui is really delicious, simple and convenient.


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