Winter Melon Chicken Soup

Winter Melon Chicken Soup

by Yuchi Pink

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This time, I changed the chicken to a chicken rack. Although a lot of chicken is missing, it is not nutritious at all. The soup is not greasy, and with winter melon, the chicken soup is nutritious and light, refreshing and refreshing. Drink it.


Winter Melon Chicken Soup

1. Wash the chicken rack and cut into pieces, cut the winter melon into pieces, soak the wolfberry in clean water, add water to the pot, blanch the chicken pieces after the water is boiled, and then rinse with clean water

Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe

2. Tie the green onions into knots, cut the ginger into slices, put the appropriate amount of water in the pot, add the onions, ginger and the blanched chicken nuggets, boil on high heat, turn to medium-low heat and cook for about one and a half hours, add sliced winter melon, and appropriate amount of salt , Continue to cook for more than 10 minutes

Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe

3. Add the soaked goji berries, add pepper, and cook for two or three minutes.

Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe
Winter Melon Chicken Soup recipe


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