Winter Solstice Gnocchi

Winter Solstice Gnocchi

by Fanty (from Tencent.)

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As the saying goes, "the winter solstice is a big Chinese New Year", the winter solstice is here, will the year be far behind? Recently, have you worked overtime and struggled on the front line of the year-end award? I'm better...".

Fanty is a Chaoshan native. Every winter solstice, my mother will prepare glutinous rice balls on time. Even if I don’t eat them at work, my mother will keep glutinous rice noodles, which will definitely let me eat the winter solstice glutinous rice balls.

It may be for this reason that the winter solstice has always had a relatively important position in my heart. Eating the glutinous rice balls on the winter solstice is just like the New Year, and it has become a sign of "one year longer".

For the glutinous rice balls for this winter solstice, sister paper has been prepared for you, and they are made using traditional methods to highlight the original flavor of the ingredients.

Winter Solstice Gnocchi

1. 1. After washing and frying the black sesame seeds, use a food processor to beat them into black sesame seeds.

Winter Solstice Gnocchi recipe

2. 2. Beat the white sugar into powdered sugar and add it (the white sugar is based on 1/2 of the black sesame seeds, and the friends make it according to their own taste).

Winter Solstice Gnocchi recipe

3. 3. Choose high-quality lard suet oil, remove the fascia after washing, cut into small cubes and add in. By beating, make the sesame oil absorb enough oil and produce stickiness (this is a more traditional production method, and lard suet must be cleaned. Yes, and to remove the fascia on the surface, the amount is about the same as sesame seeds. The weight is large, the quicksand effect is good, the weight is small, and the quicksand effect is poor. If you don’t have a partner, you can use boiled lard or butter instead).

Winter Solstice Gnocchi recipe

4. 4. Divide into 8g small round fillings (for those who use boiled lard or butter, you need to put it in the refrigerator for a little bit of freezing and then take it out for reunion, but don't freeze it into hard pieces, you can't break it).

Winter Solstice Gnocchi recipe

5. 5. Add boiling water to the glutinous rice flour and knead it into a smooth dough (the water here needs to be boiled, and you can put it aside after boiling, but it needs hot water to scald the glutinous rice flour to become viscous. Use your own dosage and knead while adding).

Winter Solstice Gnocchi recipe

6. 6. Divide into 12g small doses, wrap stuffing, and reunion. After wrapping, put it in the refrigerator and freeze (frozen glutinous rice balls will be more tenacious than wrapped glutinous rice balls and boiled directly in the pot).

Winter Solstice Gnocchi recipe

7. 7. Cook glutinous rice balls. Add water that is higher than the glutinous rice balls in the soup pot, turn on medium heat, add red dates, sugar, etc. and boil until boiling, add the glutinous rice balls, cook until the glutinous rice balls float, adjust to medium-low heat, and cook for 2 minutes.

Winter Solstice Gnocchi recipe

8. 8. Sprinkle a little osmanthus or enjoy directly.

Winter Solstice Gnocchi recipe


Please be cautious when eating, O(∩_∩)O haha~


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