Wuhong Buqi Nourishing Decoction

Wuhong Buqi Nourishing Decoction

by Weilan Weibo

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I have been drinking this soup recently, and I feel very comfortable, very moisturized, and very delicious. The ingredients are simple and simple to make. I recommend it to friends, especially female friends, to drink it often. The more you drink it, the more moisturized it is. A cup of breakfast is served. If you insist on drinking it regularly, you will be able to drink a rosy and good complexion. This soup is the familiar Wuhong soup. Its full name is Wuhong Nourishing Qi and Nourishing Blood Soup. It is composed of red dates, red beans, red peanuts, brown sugar and red wolfberry. Detoxification,


Wuhong Buqi Nourishing Decoction

1. Prepare the materials

Wuhong Buqi Nourishing Decoction recipe

2. Wash all the ingredients, remove the pits and break the jujube

Wuhong Buqi Nourishing Decoction recipe

3. Put all the prepared ingredients into the soymilk machine

Wuhong Buqi Nourishing Decoction recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water to the lowest water level, if you like more soup, you can add it to the highest water level

Wuhong Buqi Nourishing Decoction recipe

5. Soymilk machine selects the hot drink zone dry and wet beans function start switch

Wuhong Buqi Nourishing Decoction recipe

6. After the automatic completion, open the cover

Wuhong Buqi Nourishing Decoction recipe

7. Out of the pot. Since jujube and wolfberry are sweet, this soup is very sweet, and the family loves it. If you don't like sweets, you can choose to add less brown sugar.

Wuhong Buqi Nourishing Decoction recipe


If you cook five red soup, all ingredients should be increased.


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