Yuhuashi Tangyuan

Yuhuashi Tangyuan

by _Wei Young who loves food

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This is a dessert in Su cuisine, a few glutinous rice balls the size of a pigeon egg, but the whole body is colorful. Red coffee and so on. At first glance, it looks like a crystal clear rain flower stone...

Yuhuashi Tangyuan

1. All three kinds of dough are alive and set aside. The red one is added with dragon fruit juice, and the brown one is added with coffee

Yuhuashi Tangyuan recipe

2. The filling is prepared with brown sugar, cooked sesame seeds and black sesame seeds, honey cooked glutinous rice flour, chopped peanuts and chopped walnuts. Round up and set aside

Yuhuashi Tangyuan recipe

3. All three types of dough are thinned and stacked together. Use a knife to cut a piece and knead the dough into the filling.

Yuhuashi Tangyuan recipe

4. The wrapped Lantern Festival is a little bit sticky, sprinkle with glutinous rice flour powder and shake the plate so that the Lantern Festival is covered with dry powder

Yuhuashi Tangyuan recipe

5. Place a pot on the fire, add water to a boil, add the Lantern Festival, cook for 6 minutes, when the whole scoop is up, it will be cooked

Yuhuashi Tangyuan recipe


The glutinous rice flour dough cannot be too hard, and it will break if it is not rounded. Press the three kinds of dough thinly and stack them together, use a knife to draw a piece and knead it into a circle, wrap it in the fillings, the fillings are chopped peanuts and walnuts, brown sugar, honey, sesame, and fried glutinous rice flour. .


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