Yunsi Chicken Soup

Yunsi Chicken Soup

by Sister Du's Kitchen

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Hello, babies, today I bring you a pot of delicious Yunsi Chicken Soup, the original flavor of the chicken soup, the taste is very delicious, and it is delicious.


Yunsi Chicken Soup

1. Prepare chicken broth and dried Yunsi.

Yunsi Chicken Soup recipe

2. Soak Yunsi with boiling water in advance to soften it.

Yunsi Chicken Soup recipe

3. Add the chicken and chicken broth to the pot together.

Yunsi Chicken Soup recipe

4. After the chicken broth is boiled, add Yunsi.

Yunsi Chicken Soup recipe

5. Cook for five minutes, and finally sprinkle with chopped green onion and sesame oil to taste.

Yunsi Chicken Soup recipe


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