Ai Li

Ai Li

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Wormwood is a herbaceous or slightly semi-shrubby plant that grows in the countryside and fields. It is lush and fragrant. Every year around the Qingming Festival, when the wormwood is flourishing, the wormwood is fresh and fragrant. This is the first time I have made moxa. It turned out to be so delicious. I thought it was difficult. I found that doing everything with my heart is simple. "


Ai Li

1. First, pick the wormwood, wash it, and boil it in a pot. After it is boiled, soak it in cold water for 5 minutes to remove the astringent taste of the wormwood.

Ai Li recipe

2. After soaking in cold water, drain, chop, and knead with flour.

Ai Li recipe

3. Put brown sugar into the pot and boil water to dissolve the sugar. Pour the flour while it is hot to knead the dough.

Ai Li recipe

4. Knead the minced wormwood with flour and brown sugar water. Knead into a non-sticky dough. Wrap with fillings such as peanuts, sesame seeds and sugar.

Ai Li recipe

5. Stir-fry peanuts until they are slightly yellow, crushed peanuts, fry sesame seeds, fry them more fragrant, then mix the crushed peanuts with sesame seeds and brown sugar powder to make fillings.

Ai Li recipe

6. This is dried plantain leaves. They must be covered with plantain leaves. The plantain leaves should be boiled in a pot, then washed and dried. When wrapped, add some peanut oil so that it will not stick after being steamed. live. It's also easy to tear when eating.

Ai Li recipe

7. After wrapping, boil the water and let it steam for 20 minutes. It's ready to boil, it's delicious when it cools.

Ai Li recipe

8. Knead the dough, wrap the filling, and eat it soon.

Ai Li recipe

9. When I steam it for too long, it gets a little sticky. It feels all stuck together. Open the lid after steaming to prevent the water in the pot from flowing back in.

Ai Li recipe


The amount of material is approximate. There must be banana leaves. You can put more or less sugar, and add according to personal taste. If kneading is a bit dry, add some hot water to knead it. If you add more water, add some flour and knead it together.


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