Anchovy Shrimp

Anchovy Shrimp

by Yurun Begonia

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Xiangxue's household fried flour is beautifully packaged and sealed with a zipper, which is easy to access and prevent moisture. The flour is smooth and delicate. The food fried with it is golden in color, non-greasy, clean and does not shed powder, crispy taste, and retains the food's quality. Original taste, personally think it is better than breadcrumbs.


Anchovy Shrimp

1. Prepare the ingredients: Remove the shrimp heads, shrimp threads, save the shrimp tails, cut from the abdomen, but not cut, and marinate with salt for a while

Anchovy Shrimp recipe

2. Put the shrimp in the starch and stick it on both sides

Anchovy Shrimp recipe

3. Put it in the egg liquid and stick it

Anchovy Shrimp recipe

4. Put it in the fried powder and stick it on both sides

Anchovy Shrimp recipe

5. Glue in order

Anchovy Shrimp recipe

6. Put soybean oil in the pot

Anchovy Shrimp recipe

7. When the oil is hot for 7 minutes, lift the shrimp tails and fry them in the oil

Anchovy Shrimp recipe

8. After setting the shape, loosen it in the oil and continue to fry, remove it when the color turns yellow, and then re-fry it.

Anchovy Shrimp recipe

9. The color is golden and delicious

Anchovy Shrimp recipe


The oil temperature should not be too high, and the time for re-frying should be short, otherwise it will be easy to paste


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