Appetizing Pickled Garlic

Appetizing Pickled Garlic

by Cloud Food Room

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It's the season of pickling sugar garlic in the year. I will pickle a jar of sugar garlic every April and May every year, and I can eat it until next year. Eating, drinking porridge, eating hot pot in winter, can be paired with sugar garlic, very versatile. The sugar garlic in the picture is what I pickled last year. It's still delicious after a year, and it's not bad at all.


Appetizing Pickled Garlic

1. Peel off the skin of the garlic you bought, leaving one or two layers of tender skin. Cut off a part of the end, leaving a little bit to not cut, and use a knife to trim off the dirty part of the garlic head.

Appetizing Pickled Garlic recipe

2. Soak in salt water for two hours [The salt used here is not written in the ingredient list, just watch and put some]

Appetizing Pickled Garlic recipe

3. As shown in the picture, the garlic head is up and the end is down on the rack to control the moisture. I held it for a day and a half. It is best to keep the water in a cool and ventilated place.

Appetizing Pickled Garlic recipe

4. The picture shows the two vinegars I used to make sugar garlic. It is best not to use aged vinegar because it is too sour. Because my rice vinegar is not enough, I temporarily bought fragrant sweet vinegar downstairs, which is not too sour. Sugar garlic is also good.

Appetizing Pickled Garlic recipe

5. Put 2300 milliliters of vinegar, 500 grams of sugar, and 80 grams of salt into a pot and boil, then set aside to cool. The boiled seasoning is not easy to spoil, and it can keep the sugar garlic longer.

Appetizing Pickled Garlic recipe

6. .When the vinegar is cool, we first disinfect the glass jar with hot water and wipe it dry. Finally, put the sweet and sour liquid and garlic in a glass jar and you're done. You can eat it after soaking for about 20 days, but you need to wait about two months for a more delicious taste.

Appetizing Pickled Garlic recipe

7. Crunchy appetizer

Appetizing Pickled Garlic recipe


Garlic soaked in water will reduce the spiciness and is more suitable for children to eat


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