Sugar Garlic

Sugar Garlic

by Food·Color

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It seems that our family has never made sugar garlic before, and I don’t know why this year I suddenly thought of buying garlic for pickling. In fact, such things are often forgotten after they are made, and it is not a long time to think of eating them out.
Now that the garlic has been bought, let's make some. I don't know the proportion of the seasoning, and Du Niang can help. Strike the iron while it's hot, and it's marinated. After leaving it for nearly a month, the garlic seems to be a little bit colored, and some of them are slightly greenish. Could it be that this is the legendary Laba garlic? Probably you can eat it, pick a few out and taste it.


Sugar Garlic

1. Remove the outer skin of the garlic, exposing the garlic cloves. Pick up the middle pillar and cut off the roots. Put it in a bottle and add part of the vinegar.

Sugar Garlic recipe

2. Pour in the sugar and salt, and finally add the remaining vinegar until the garlic is completely submerged. Cover the lid, keep it tightly closed for about one month, uncover, take out, and eat.

Sugar Garlic recipe


Vinegar should be surpassed with garlic, and all seasonings can be adjusted according to your own taste.


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