Spicy Kelp Shreds

Spicy Kelp Shreds

by Perfect-Yi woman

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My mother likes to eat kelp the most. When I was young, my family was not rich, but I was rich. The first dish I bought was definitely kelp. At that time, it was not easy to eat kelp in the Northeast. Now, when I see good kelp, I will buy more and mail it back to my mother so that she can eat it hard. My mother is very happy, but she is old and can't eat much.
When I was young, my mother was reluctant to eat and saved us delicious food. Now that we are older, do you know what your mother likes to eat? In return parents can’t wait, even if the cheapest thing is given to them, they are happy, because what parents want is: you love their heart!


Spicy Kelp Shreds

1. Soak dried kelp shreds in cold water. Let it take an hour or so, then add water to the pot and cook, then soak in cold water for later use. They are also cooked in the market, and you can mix them directly when you bring them back.

Spicy Kelp Shreds recipe

2. This season, new garlic is on the market, and it tastes better. You can also use aged garlic. 1 head garlic chopped

Spicy Kelp Shreds recipe

3. Add appropriate amount of salt, not too salty to eat by yourself, add 2 spoons of sugar, add sugar to remove the fishy taste of kelp, garlic, 1 spoon of MSG, add chili oil as you like, add a little sea and sky, and add appropriate amount of sesame. You can also add sesame oil

Spicy Kelp Shreds recipe


Because kelp has a fishy smell, adding a little sugar will solve it, and it will increase the taste and stimulate the taste buds. The more you eat, the more you want to eat, and you can’t stop at all (*^__^*) Hee...
Just the right amount of salt, keep the refrigerator fresh if you can't finish it!


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