Cold Vegetarian Chicken

Cold Vegetarian Chicken

by Winnie275

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My sister-in-law Liang in the department has planted the poison of this dish. I often say that I miss my vegetarian chicken! Vegetarian chicken is actually a kind of dried tofu! People who like it think it's delicious! It's also very easy to do! Let's learn!


Cold Vegetarian Chicken

1. Cut garlic into strips with an oblique knife. Dice garlic, green pepper, and mince Chaotian pepper!

Cold Vegetarian Chicken recipe

2. Bring the water to a boil. Pour the vegetarian chicken into the fried water! Drain until it is in a large bowl. It is convenient for the next mixing

Cold Vegetarian Chicken recipe

3. Same as my last time with kelp shreds. Put the chopped ingredients on top of the vegetarian chicken. Add chili noodles, salt, chicken essence, and 3 peppers, pour oil in a hot pan, boil, and pour into a bowl. Pour on top .

Cold Vegetarian Chicken recipe

4. After stirring, add sugar, light soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil! Keep stirring! That's it!

Cold Vegetarian Chicken recipe


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