Assorted Fruit Platter

Assorted Fruit Platter

by Dream Yun_

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[The apple is red, every bite is the taste of happiness] The fruit platter (foreign name: Fruit platter) is a common dish in the recipe, and the recipe is simple. The taste of the fruit platter is sweet, but how to make the fruit platter is the most delicious, mainly according to your own taste habits to adjust the details. The most common fruit to make a fruit platter is apples. Apples must be crispy and sweet to make a platter. I just received Lixian Huaniu Apples today, so I can’t wait to make an apple platter.


Assorted Fruit Platter

1. Making all kinds of platter with fruits is a kind of beautiful enjoyment. The fruit platter with vivid shapes and different shapes greatly increases your appetite.

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe

2. Finished picture

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe

3. Received a full box of Lixian Huaniu. Each apple has a double-layer shock-proof film and a 12-square grid protector, so that Huaniu apples can withstand the beating during the journey. Make sure that every apple can reach the owner intact.
The climate of Lixian County belongs to the temperate continental monsoon climate. The winter is cold and dry, and the summer is hot and rainy; the climate features are obvious, with long winters and short summers, and moderate spring and autumn. Plenty of sunlight makes the Huaniu apple more delicious, the fruit shape is correct and beautiful, the size is even, the good geographical environment gives good quality, the thin skin is juicy and sweet.

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe


Assorted Fruit Platter recipe

5. Prepare the materials

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe

6. Wash the apple and remove the core

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe

7. Cut in half

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe

8. Take half of the apple and cut it in an oblique image. You can't cut it. Turn it around and cut it. If you cut it on both sides, you can't cut it. Cut it like this for 5 to 6 dollars.

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe

9. It becomes such a pattern with a light push with your hand. Is it beautiful?

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe

10. Cut bananas into patterns you like

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe

11. I have some porridge with the kiwi skin from the refrigerator, but it doesn't affect the taste. Also cut into favorite patterns.

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe

12. Sliced pear

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe

13. Put the cut fruits on the plate. Eating apples on the beautiful fruit platter can not only lose weight, but also help digestion. Eating an apple every day is happy and healthy.

Assorted Fruit Platter recipe


The fruit platter in front of the table has an appetizing function. The fruit platter behind the table has just helped digestion.


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