Assorted Health Soup

Assorted Health Soup

by Dance Spirit 1027

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Want to make a pot of good soup with good taste, high nutrition and thick soup color,

Southerners like to slowly cook in a casserole for a few hours.

But for office workers, this time is not very realistic.

So all kinds of electric pressure cookers came,

However, due to the design of the ordinary pressure cooker, the soup is basically braised rather than cooked.

The natural taste is much different from that of simmering pot,

Do you want to give up? No, now there are various kitchen appliances, and there is always one that can meet all your needs.

And the soup I made this time is to use different ingredients according to the ingredients.

Put in according to the time, but also can make the soup taste rich


Assorted Health Soup

1. Bring the ribs to a boil with cold water

Assorted Health Soup recipe

2. Cut the corn into small sections, soak the fungus and wash the hair, and break it into small pieces. Don’t make a big one. Just 2-3 shiitake mushrooms, which will affect the color of the soup.

Assorted Health Soup recipe

3. Wash and drain for later use

Assorted Health Soup recipe

4. Put the processed ribs into the electric pressure cooker

Assorted Health Soup recipe

5. Add dried corn cuttlefish and lotus root

Assorted Health Soup recipe

6. Add an appropriate amount of purified water (this amount is based on the amount of your family, for example, 3 people can add 4-5 bowls of water)

Assorted Health Soup recipe

7. The pressure cooker chooses the soup function, and also chooses to add vegetables in the middle, the time is about 45 minutes

Assorted Health Soup recipe

8. Add other mushrooms for the last 10 minutes and continue cooking

Assorted Health Soup recipe

9. Finally, add some salt or chicken essence to taste

Assorted Health Soup recipe


Small reminder

1. If you have a pot at home, I suggest using a slow cooker. The whole process is about 3 hours. That kind of soup tastes the most positive. It is highly recommended to prepare one (I will attach a picture of the pot later for your reference)

2. It is advisable to put in the ingredients that are easy to cook, such as mushrooms, within half an hour at the end.

3. Soak the dried cuttlefish for half an hour in advance and put it into the pot with the meat, which can release the flavor better and make the soup taste more delicious

4. Bay leaves and ginger slices are good ingredients to increase fragrance and remove fishy

5. The pork ribs soup is lighter, or you can use the big bones to make the soup richer, but naturally there will be more oil, please consider putting it yourself


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