Ribs Risotto

Ribs Risotto

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For lazy people and kitchen novices, they often worry because they don’t know what to cook. This ribs braised rice is definitely the best choice.
Simple and delicious, save time and effort, you can get a pot of meals easily. The marinated ribs are stir-fried and boiled with rice. The moment the lid was opened, the aroma spread, and the sweetness of the rice with the scent of spare ribs greatly increased the appetite. Cook more at a time, and two dinners a day will be messed up!


Ribs Risotto

1. All the ingredients are ready for later use.

Ribs Risotto recipe

2. Wash and peel the carrots and cut into small cubes.

Ribs Risotto recipe

3. After the ribs are washed, boil in a pot under cold water, cook until the foam appears, remove it and rinse with water.

Ribs Risotto recipe

4. Cut the ginger and garlic into fine pieces.

Ribs Risotto recipe

5. Heat oil into the pan, add cinnamon, bay leaves, and star anise to fry to create a fragrance.

Ribs Risotto recipe

6. Add ginger and garlic and stir fry for a while.

Ribs Risotto recipe

7. Add the prepared carrots and ribs and stir fry.

Ribs Risotto recipe

8. Add the right amount of light soy sauce and oyster sauce to the pot.

Ribs Risotto recipe

9. Then add salt and five-spice powder and stir-fry until tasty. Use medium heat for the whole fried pork ribs.

Ribs Risotto recipe

10. Put the fried pork ribs out of the pot.

Ribs Risotto recipe

11. Wash the rice in the pot, put 200g of rice into 300g of water.

Ribs Risotto recipe

12. Put the fried ribs into the rice pot and turn on the cooking function.

Ribs Risotto recipe


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