Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice

by Little grapefruit MAMA

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The rice grains evenly absorb the aroma of ribs and mushrooms, plus the soft and waxy carrots and beans, it is fragrant but not greasy, soft and delicious, which can make the baby's appetite great! In the least amount of time, with zero cooking skills, you can make a pot of flavor that the whole family likes.
This rice is suitable for babies over 1 year old, and babies who can’t eat large ribs, just chop and chop them after the mothers make it.


Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice

1. The ingredients are ready. Add a little glutinous rice, the cooked rice will be sticky, glutinous rice is a food that invigorates the spleen and helps digestion.

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe

2. What to put in the refrigerator, do not put green leafy leaves, cook them completely yellow.

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe

3. Soak glutinous rice and rice for 30 minutes.

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe

4. Add a few slices of shredded ginger to the ribs, 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce, stir well, and marinate in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. No more seasonings are added here. The cooked rice is flavorful but not so rich, which is very suitable for babies. If you want a more important taste, add some salt, oyster sauce, five-spice powder and pepper.

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe

5. Cut carrots into small pieces, cut beans into small pieces, and slice pleurotus eryngii.

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe

6. Heat the pan, pour a little oil, put the ribs in the pan, fry both sides until they change color, remove them for later use.

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe

7. Continue to fry the carrots directly in the pan, stir fry for 1 minute, add the eryngii mushrooms. After sautéing evenly, pour in the sauce that has just marinated the ribs.

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe

8. Then pour the beans.

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe

9. Stir fry a few times and add ribs, fry and turn off the heat

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe

10. Put the soaked rice into the pot with the same amount of water as usual for cooking rice. Pour all the side dishes just now, put them in the rice cooker and cook them.

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe

11. Simmer for 10 minutes after it is cooked, it will be more delicious. If your rice is still wet after cooking and you don't like the wet taste, you can put it back in the pot and fry it again.

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe

12. Braised this kind of pork ribs with rice, and another bowl of soup, the meal is ready, and it is very delicious, simple and convenient.

Seasonal Vegetable Ribs Rice recipe


If you don’t understand my recipe, please come to the WeChat public account "yzmmfood" to ask questions, you can't see it in time here. There are 500 baby nutrition meals prepared by the nutritionist's mother, so I no longer worry about what the baby eats.


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