Griddle Ribs

Griddle Ribs

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Griddle Ribs

1. Ginger garlic, sliced onion, millet pepper, sliced pepper

Griddle Ribs recipe

2. Put the pork ribs into the pot with cold water, add the chives, cooking wine, and blanch the water to remove the smell and blood foam

Griddle Ribs recipe

3. Pour the ribs, add light soy sauce, starch, and mix well

Griddle Ribs recipe

4. Pour oil in the pot, heat the oil until it is seven mature, pour in the ribs, and fry on low heat until golden

Griddle Ribs recipe

5. Pour oil in the pan, add onions, and sauté on high heat

Griddle Ribs recipe

6. Pour oil in the pot, add garlic slices, ginger slices, dried chili, millet pepper, string pepper, thirteen incense, spicy sauce, and sauté on high heat

Griddle Ribs recipe

7. Pour in the ribs, salt, and stir-fry evenly

Griddle Ribs recipe


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