Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup

Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup

by miranda jelly

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Kelp is a vegetable with high nutritional value, and it also has a certain medicinal value. It is rich in mineral elements such as iodine. Kelp contains low calories, medium protein content, and rich in minerals. Studies have found that kelp has a variety of biological functions such as lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, regulating immunity, anti-coagulation, anti-tumor, detoxification and anti-oxidation.
Ribs are sweet and salty, with a flat nature, enter the spleen, stomach, and kidney meridian; nourish the kidney and nourish blood, nourish yin and moisturize dryness; Indications of fever, body fluid, diminished thirst and leanness, weak kidney, postpartum blood deficiency, dry cough, constipation, nourishment Deficiency, nourishing yin, moisturizing dryness, nourishing liver yin, moisturizing the skin, relieving two stools and quenching thirst.


Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup

1. Wash the ribs, put them in a pot, add water to cover the ribs. Blanch water to remove dirt and impurities.

Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup recipe

2. Shred the kelp and set aside. You can tie a knot if you are interested, hahaha

Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup recipe

3. Cut the ribs into small pieces after blanching (because there is Xiaobao at home).

Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup recipe

4. Add ginger, garlic, salt, sugar, and cooking wine. Add appropriate amount of vinegar

Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup recipe

5. Add kelp. Add water to kelp.

Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup recipe

6. After the fire is boiled, remove the floating foam on the surface

Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup recipe

7. Add a piece of Knorr Soup Po

Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup recipe

8. Turn to low heat and continue to simmer for 40 minutes to an hour

Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup recipe

9. Finally add green onions to increase fragrance~

Seaweed Pork Ribs Soup recipe


1. Adding vinegar can dissolve calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals in the ribs, which has a higher nutritional value.
2. You can buy large pieces of kelp, soak and cut it yourself, or you can buy kelp knots directly.
3. The amount of ribs and kelp is adjusted according to your preference. My family is mostly carnivores, so I put more ribs.


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