Baby Vegetables and Pork Dumplings

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How to Make It

1. Take a baby cabbage, wash and dice
2. Take appropriate amount of chives, wash and chop finely
3. Take appropriate amount of ginger, wash and chop
4. Go to the right amount of carrots, wash and dice, depending on personal taste, you can leave it alone
5. The pork stuffing is bought directly from the vegetable farm. It is best to use pork belly, which is deliciously fat and thin.
6. According to personal taste, add oyster sauce salt sugar light soy sauce cooking wine
7. Take a clean chopsticks and mix the stuffing well
8. Let the mixed fillings stand for ten minutes to taste, and stir again before opening the package
9. I’m starting to wrap it. I like to put some water around the dumpling wrapper to make it easier to wrap.
10. The simpler method of wrapping is to eat it by yourself anyway
11. For three people, it takes about forty-five minutes for me to pack so much.
12. I don’t need to teach this, it’s good to cook, I like to put some oyster sauce light soy sauce and eat it
Dumplings are better to be eaten right now. The baby cabbage is relatively tender, refreshing and juicy. After dicing the baby cabbage, you can marinate it with salt and squeeze out the water, or add some starch when mixing the ingredients later, which can control it well. Water, it depends on personal habit