Grandma Taste Risotto

Grandma Taste Risotto

by A touch of Sakura

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When I was in school, my grandma would always make this risotto, and she could eat two bowls by herself, but after work, she lived separately from her grandma and never had this risotto again. Now that grandma is no longer there, she can no longer eat the risotto she made by herself. When she missed her, she remembered this delicacy. With the taste in her memory, she restores and misses...


Grandma Taste Risotto

1. Cut potatoes into small strips

Grandma Taste Risotto recipe

2. The baby cabbage is cut diagonally so that it has leaves and leaves and tastes good.

Grandma Taste Risotto recipe

3. Add a little oil, fry the potatoes first, add baby cabbage after the potatoes change color.

Grandma Taste Risotto recipe

4. Stir-fry until baby cabbage and potatoes become soft.

Grandma Taste Risotto recipe

5. Add rice and water, so that the water is under the rice, and cook on high heat.

Grandma Taste Risotto recipe

6. When the soup is almost dry, add salt, soy sauce, and pepper. It's ready to be out of the pot.

Grandma Taste Risotto recipe


If you like meat, you can add some crispy meat, which will taste better.


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