Stock Soup Baby Dishes

Stock Soup Baby Dishes

by Soft blue crystal

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Baby cabbage is very nutritious. It is simmered in broth and can maintain a sweet taste. Add milk to the stewed soup to make the soup milky white, and it also has a slight milky fragrance. It is also very good without any seasoning. Tasty.


Stock Soup Baby Dishes

1. Cut the baby cabbage in the middle, then cut half of it, and cut into four pieces.

Stock Soup Baby Dishes recipe

2. Put the shallots and garlic in a frying pan and saute.

Stock Soup Baby Dishes recipe

3. Before the onion and garlic changes color, add baby vegetables and stir fry.

Stock Soup Baby Dishes recipe

4. Add a pinch of salt.

Stock Soup Baby Dishes recipe

5. Pour the broth and drown the baby cabbage.

Stock Soup Baby Dishes recipe

6. Put in a few goji berries.

Stock Soup Baby Dishes recipe

7. Finally, pour the milk and boil it for another three minutes.

Stock Soup Baby Dishes recipe


Be sure to put less salt, because the broth also contains salt, no need to add MSG, it is very fresh.


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