Bacon Ham Bread Pizza

Bacon Ham Bread Pizza

by A your dear little Tingting

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On a whim, just do what you want and enjoy the process.


Bacon Ham Bread Pizza

1. Wash the bacon, crispy sausage, sausage, bell pepper, onion, corn, and cut

2. Put the bacon sausage on the same plate.

Bacon Ham Bread Pizza recipe

3. Put the bell pepper, corn onion and stir-fry in the pan.

Bacon Ham Bread Pizza recipe

4. Spread some butter on the baking tray (this is to avoid the bread sticking to the pan), and then put a square bag on the baking tray and start spreading, first spread a layer of pizza sauce on the surface of the square bag, and then put the cheese (don’t bear it Put it in), put another layer of bacon sausage, then cheese, then pepper corn onion, and finally a layer of cheese. I think the more cheese, the better, because I like wire drawing.

Bacon Ham Bread Pizza recipe

5. Put it in the microwave for 3 minutes, you can enjoy delicious food (there is no oven at home, so I have to use a microwave)


It's important to do it with your heart, don't worry, keep a happy mood!


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