Green Vegetable and Taro Soup

Green Vegetable and Taro Soup

by Five meals a day

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Breakfast in winter is always inseparable from a cup of hot drink, perhaps the simplest cup of hot milk, perhaps a cup of soy milk, a cup of rice cereal. Will children pick out vegetables when they eat? A bowl of thick soup couldn’t be more suitable. It’s warm and warm. Compared with milk, soy milk and rice paste, it feels more full and you can eat a lot of vegetables. Drinking these kinds of hot drinks in turns can also make breakfast a week without repetition.

Babies who have eaten these ingredients can drink this soup.

Recipe highlights:
It can greatly save the mother's time, and the breakfast for children and adults can be the same.

YOMA little reminder:
Sweet taro can be replaced with pumpkin, purple sweet potato, yam, etc.

Reference Moon Age: 7M+


Green Vegetable and Taro Soup

1. Steamed taro slices for 15 minutes.

Green Vegetable and Taro Soup recipe

2. Chop the greens, add 300ml of water together with the taro to make a pureed taro greens. Adding milk without water will make the milk flavor and taste better.
>> For the first time trying this green leafy vegetable soup, you can blanch the green leafy vegetable for 1 minute, the taste is more acceptable.

Green Vegetable and Taro Soup recipe

3. The amount given is for a family of three.

Green Vegetable and Taro Soup recipe

4. Pour into a pot and boil, add chicken stock and cook together. It’s as good as using milk instead of water before the chicken stock.

Green Vegetable and Taro Soup recipe

5. After boiling for 3 minutes, the bananas are pressed into a puree and stirred evenly out of the pot.

Green Vegetable and Taro Soup recipe

6. Dice the bread.

Green Vegetable and Taro Soup recipe

7. Making staple food is also decoration. The taro starch content is relatively high, and it is also a part of the staple food. This bowl is a baby's supplementary meal.

Green Vegetable and Taro Soup recipe


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