Gnocchi Sandwich

Gnocchi Sandwich

by Bing Ruo Lan

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In line with the principle of sandwiching everything, I made a glutinous rice dumpling sandwich. Wrap the glutinous rice balls with soybean flour, put them on toast, and press them. The outside is crispy and the inside is waxy.


Gnocchi Sandwich

1. Put water in a pot, boil it, put the dumplings and cook

Gnocchi Sandwich recipe

2. The glutinous rice balls are evenly coated with soy flour

Gnocchi Sandwich recipe

3. The breakfast machine is preheated in advance and then put in a piece of toast, spread the glutinous rice balls and then cover with a piece of toast

Gnocchi Sandwich recipe

4. Put the lid on and press for three minutes

Gnocchi Sandwich recipe

5. Take it out after pressing

Gnocchi Sandwich recipe

6. Just cut it and you can eat it, please ignore my knife skills

Gnocchi Sandwich recipe


1. Don't cook the glutinous rice balls for too long, just cook them well, or they will break easily
2. The baking time of the hot press machine may be different. Adjust according to your own machine. The most important thing is that if it is not baked properly, do not move the position and press again. The glutinous rice balls will break and the fillings inside will overflow.


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