Bacon Soup

Bacon Soup

by Yi Xia

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The weather today is pretty good, but I don’t get used to it when the heating stops, and it feels a bit cold. . . So Wang Wang made a pot of warm soup~~~


Bacon Soup

1. A collection of ingredients, bacon is bacon, the bacon I bought~~

Bacon Soup recipe

2. Wash tomatoes and cut into pieces

Bacon Soup recipe

3. frozen tofu. . Needless to say, the old tofu is frozen for 2 days, and when it is taken out, it is frozen tofu. . Cut 0.5cm thick slices

Bacon Soup recipe

4. Put water in the pot, put the ingredients into the pot, and heat it on a high fire so that the water will boil quickly. .

Bacon Soup recipe

5. Sprinkle chopped green onion when beating the eggs, the eggs will be more fragrant

Bacon Soup recipe

6. Stir well

Bacon Soup recipe

7. After the water is boiled, the eggs are slowly poured into the pot in a circle

Bacon Soup recipe

8. Diced bacon when the egg is slightly solidified

Bacon Soup recipe

9. nailed it

Bacon Soup recipe

10. Put it in a bowl and drizzle with olive oil

Bacon Soup recipe

11. Pour the balsamic vinegar

Bacon Soup recipe

12. Drop the sesame oil and enjoy

Bacon Soup recipe


Olive oil is not suitable for high-temperature cooking, as the nutrition will be destroyed, and it is generally put in the final or used in cold salad. I use virgin


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