Korean Kimchi Tofu Soup

Korean Kimchi Tofu Soup

by The happy life of Sweet New Bell

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I bought Korean kimchi and a piece of tofu before. I asked my husband to put the tofu in the refrigerator, but they put it in the freezer. So I ate frozen tofu. Haha, I made the soup. It tasted good!!! Because Super tasty, haha!


Korean Kimchi Tofu Soup

1. Pour a little vegetable oil into the pot, pour it into the kimchi and stir-fry 70% of the heat

Korean Kimchi Tofu Soup recipe

2. Pour the fried kimchi into a clean stone pot and pour an appropriate amount of purified water

3. Put the stone pot into the gas stove and turn on medium high heat

Korean Kimchi Tofu Soup recipe

4. Dig an appropriate amount of soybean paste into the stone pot and stir evenly

5. After the water is boiled, turn to a low heat, add the tofu cut into pieces and simmer slowly

6. 10 minutes when the soup is thick, turn off the heat

Korean Kimchi Tofu Soup recipe
Korean Kimchi Tofu Soup recipe


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